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  • Plant Lists

    Fragrant Plants

    I don’t think I appreciated the value of landscape fragrance …

  • Plant Lists

    Bradford Pear – Substitutes and Alternatives

    Homeowners often complain about their ‘Bradford’ pear problems. “The flowers

  • Plant Lists

    Fruit Trees – Sources

    My friend Bill Ford, co-owner of Johnson Nursery in Ellijay, …

  • Fragrant Plants

  • Bradford pear split

    Bradford Pear – Substitutes and Alternatives

  • Fruit Trees – Sources

  • Non-flowering Plants for Sunny Spots

  • Clematis – Best Ones for Georgia

  • Crapemyrtle aphids

    Hummingbirds – Plants For Attracting

  • Flowers for Drying

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  • UGA Downloadable Plant List Publications

  • Plants for Shade

  • Trees for Damp Soil

  • daylily

    Flowers for Damp Soil

  • Plants for Screening

  • beautyberry

    Plants with Colorful Fruits and Berries

  • Animal-named Plants

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    Drought Tolerant Plants