Corn – Planting Tips

Q: My grandson’s third birthday is soon; he will be three. As a gift to my grandson I would like to plant corn. Please tell me how.

A: That little boy will have some great memories! If you have a garden plot in full sun, growing corn should be no problem.

To insure best pollination the plot should be square, not a couple of long rows. There are lots of varieties from which to choose; I think he’d enjoy one of the “sugar enhanced” types like ‘Kandy Korn’, ‘Sugar and Spice’ or ‘Sugar ‘n’ Gold’.

Place the seed eight inches apart and an inch deep but don’t plant the entire plot at once. Divide it into thirds and plant one third in late April, one third in mid-May and the last third in late May. This insures a long harvest window.

I have lots more tips on growing corn.

corn ear 2

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