Herbs – Growing Indoors

Q: I would like to grow some herbs indoors. The only spots I have are a south eastern facing window that receives good morning sun only.

What herbs, if any, would work in those areas. I have an 18 inch wide container that I would like to plant several herbs in together. Is this possible?

A: Herbs are really hard to grow successfully indoors. I doubt you can get enough light on them through the window. But there is hope now that compact fluorescent lights have come on the market. I’m sure you’ve seen them. They have a curlicue shape and can be used in regular screw-in fixtures.

Buy two gooseneck or clamp-on lamps that can be aimed at the herbs growing in your container. The bulbs should be only a few inches from the leaves. Plant, water and fertilize the herbs normally and you should have some tasty morsels for cooking.

An alternative is the AeroGarden. You can purchase different seeds for growing herbs, tomatoes, strawberries…even petunias indoors.

I have two different friends who are very pleased with their AeroGarden kits.

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