Sunflower Hulls Disappear Under Bird Feeder

Q: For 15 years I fed sunflower seeds to the birds in my Lawrenceville home and continually had to clean up the hulls under the feeders. I recently retired and moved to a home in Midway, Ga. I’m still feeding birds here but now there are NO hulls under my feeders! They are totally gone every morning.

A: These are great pictures but I can’t figure out where the hulls went either. Armadillos don’t eat sunflower seeds or hulls, only underground grubs and worms etc.

Is there any chance you or a friend or neighbor have a wildlife trail camera? A guy I know couldn’t figure out what was eating his impatiens in a pot on his deck. His night camera showed it was rats!


The trail cam has resolved the mystery of what is eating the sunflower seed hulls under my feeders. The attached photos speak for themselves.

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