Tomatoes – Evaluating Different Varieties

My friend Terry is a garden experimenter…but best of all, he likes to share his information.

Here are his thoughts on tomatoes:

“I know you like to experimant with tomatoes other that the same ones we see at our local nurseries as do I.

“I tried some new ones from seed the past year and would like to report on some of them. Some of these seeds can be purchased from Totally Tomatoes but I got mine from Tomato Growers Supply and they have a good supply of different tomatoes, many European varities, and service was good.

“Cherry tomatoes were sugary, pink,very good sweet and produced all summer. For taste, Sweet Baby Girl was the best. Heavy producer,size of quarter and sweeter than most,excellent, maybe the best yet.

“I tried one from France called Salsa, excellent taste, I like an acid tomato. Size of a billard ball,grew well and produced well all summer.

“One from Germany called Matina was an unual looking plant but had an excellent taste and produced all summer. The leaves look more like a potato than a tomato and the fruit are 2 inches maybe but the taste was like a cherry, very moist and sweet.

“A yellow tomato from Russia called Azoychka did very well. Has a citrus like taste,different, but adds good color and a different taste in a salad.

“All these grew well with no sign of major disease. I thought I would pass this along and maybe it will be of some help to others.

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