Tuscan Blue Rosemary – Surviving in the Cold

Q: I purchased a potted Tuscan Blue rosemary last winter and kept it inside until spring. I planted it outside in full sun. Now that cooler weather is here, I am concerned about how it will take colder temperatures.

A: Rosemary is completely hardy in Atlanta and environs. No protection is needed. I’m intrigued with the many forms of rosemary plants. ‘Tuscan Blue’, ‘Barbeque’ and ‘Athens Blue Spires’ are strongly upright. ‘Irene’, ‘Huntington Blue’ and ‘Prostratus’ cascade over low walls. The light blue flowers occur repeatedly throughout the summer. Rosemary likes sandy, well-drained soil and full sunshine. Your ‘Tuscan Blue’ can be shaped as needed as long as you never cut back into the brown, leafless interior.

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