Bird Feeders – Weed Killer Underneath

Q: I have an area in my back yard with four bird feeders. The area under the feeders is rock, mulch and seed hulls with black plastic under it all. Weeds and some of the dropped seeds have sprouted under the feeders. What can use to get rid of the weeds without harming the wildlife?

A: In my view, glyphosate (Roundup, etc) has a good environmental reputation and will not harm birds. But if you don’t care to use synthetic weed killers, there are other options. Nature’s Glory Weed Killer contains acetic acid (vinegar). Nature’s Avenger uses d-limonene (citrus oil). Both work by dissolving the waxy cuticle on plant leaves. The leaves dehydrate and die. These organic herbicides won’t kill perennial weeds but they should work fine on bird seed sprouts.

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