Birds – Feeding

Q: Do you have any information on attracting birds to backyards? Types of feeders, food, plants and watering containers are all part of the information I am seeking.

A: Birds have the same needs as humans: food, shelter and water. Though humans and avians attain their needs differently, if birds find the environment they desire in your yard you’ll never lack for entertainment.

Evergreen shrubbery, like holly, camellia and photinia supplies year-round hiding and brooding places. Any plant that produces berries, nuts or fruit will be a favorite of birds.

Local organizations such as the Atlanta Audubon Society and Southern Wings Bird Club provide a wealth of opportunities to learn about birds in Georgia. I found further information on the Internet at Backyard Birding Basics and the National Birdfeeding Society.

A friend recently remarked that she never expected to enjoy the bird feeder she received last Christmas as much as she has during the past year. Wrens, woodpeckers, titmice and cardinals have visited her avian restaurant regularly. By using only black sunflower seed in the feeder, she has avoided having the mess underneath that results when birds pick through inexpensive birdseed to find their favorite seeds. Specialized suet and thistle feeders can attract an even wider range of birds.

Though having a feeder is a great way to attract birds, creating a bird sanctuary is a great way to keep them. With a bit of planning and planting, your backyard can become the local hangout for birds and other interesting wildlife.

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