Biting Flies (Midges) (No-See-Um’s) – In Atlanta?

Q: Your website says we don’t have No-See-Um’s in the Atlanta area, then what the heck seemingly invisible bug is biting me?

I have a nice Emerald zoysiagrass lawn that seems to be infested with something that bites the fool out of me and leaves whelps when I walk through the grass, especially in the early evening.

A: Gretchen Pettis, entomologist at the University of Georgia says:

“Our biting fly expert here at UGA indicates that it is possible for Culicoides biting insects to be in Atlanta. They can breed in almost any consistently moist environment. The larvae cannot tolerate drying out at all. Our expert additionally commented that, in terms of climate, he believes North Georgia is compatible with their life cycles as long as a suitable habitat was available.”

Note that biting flies must have a consistently moist environment. If you have this species, it is possible you are watering too much.

Any garden insecticide spray or granule should kill them if it is applied where they breed but they will build a new population in a few days.

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