Cardinal – Babies on Nest

Q: A cardinal built a nest outside our porch. I checked on the nest several times daily. Then the cardinal quit sitting on the nest, from what I assume was too much commotion from our family. She left 3 eggs.

After about a week and a half she came back and now has been sitting on it over a week.

What is going on with her, these eggs couldn’t be viable. Are cardinals just not very smart?

>>>>The rest of the story<<<<

Two baby birds left the nest a few days ago! I peeked into the nest, expecting it to be empty and there were the 3 original eggs intact! So after the momma bird abandoned these eggs she came back and laid two eggs on top of them.

I thought she was sitting rather high on the nest!

A: Faces only a Mama could love!

I’m amazed she had the strength and courage to come back and lay the last two eggs.

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