Crickets – Control

Q: I will soon be holding a wedding at my house and I brought in some ferns and other potted plants from outside. Unfortunately, I now have crickets residing indoors. They make a pretty loud racket. How can I get rid of them?

A: Field cricket numbers reach a peak in fall so it was inevitable a few interlopers would come in on the ferns. Here’s what I’d do: 1. Take the ferns back outdoors and spray with a garden insecticide containing permethrin or bifenthrin. Leave outdoors until a week before the wedding. 2. Put sticky glue traps designed for mouse control in the area where the ferns were placed indoors. Suspend a small “night light” above the traps to attract crickets to the gluey spot. If you do this, “Here Comes the Bride” won’t be marred by insect accompaniment.

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