Dog – Eats Cicada Skin

Here’s an odd note from a dedicated gardener and animal lover:

“Not only are the discarded skins of cicadas a delight to birds, our female Jack Russell, Lollie, goes from pine tree to pine tree in search of them.

“She stretches as far as she can to claim the prize. Her nose is so attuned to the smell of the skins that she will rare up onto a the tree trunks and “point” so my husband and I will knock down the ones that are too high for her to reach on her own.

“Lollie’s brother stands back and watches. He is not the least bit interested in eating discarded cicada nymph skins. They sound really crunchy causing us to wonder if it is similar to eating “Meat Skins” to us. So far, she hasn’t asked for any seasoning to go on them.

“We all go cicada hunting about once a week, and have noticed that the 2006 crop has not been as large as last year’s. I guess it is one of those jobs someone has to do!”


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