Honeybees – In Wall

Q: For the second time at my mother’s house honey bees have decided to swarm/nest in her walls. The first time we shot them with some good bug poison and sealed the holes. This time they are coming in the kitchen wall. We need a professional to come out and deal with this.

A: It’s a shame to have to kill honey bees but there is almost no way to get them out of a house wall without this drastic step.

Certain beekeepers “register” themselves at county Extension offices as willing to remove bees but you should expect to pay them just as you would any other professional. Call 800-ASK-UGA1 to contact your local Extension office.

There are several metro Atlanta bee hobby groups to contact:

Georgia Beekeepers Association

Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association

Tara Beekeepers Association


Also try  BeeYond Wonderful

Otherwise, you’ll just have to call local pest control companies..

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