Mites- Pest Control

Q: We have a major problem that is driving me crazy. My home has become infested with what I suspect are tiny biting mites. It’s like a very small flea bite, all over my body. It affects others, so I’m quite sure that it is not delusional. I would truly appreciate your help.

A: My feeling is that all cases of unseen bug bites should be investigated first by a dermatologist. They have the equipment to closely examine your wounds, to capture the bugs, if present, and to advise you on any other medical causes for the sensation of being bitten. It is possible that bird mites or rat mites could be your culprit, but keep in mind that there are many non-insect causes of “feeling bitten”.

One caution: DO NOT spray insecticides unless you have identified a biting insect. Many insecticides, when over-applied, actually CAUSE the feeling of being bitten. To help you and others, I have prepared a website on the situation as I understand it: (BROKEN) Unseen Biting Bugs

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