Mole – Hills Near Lawn Edge

Q: I listen to your show every Saturday morning on my way to the golf course. Do you have any idea what kind of critter would be responsible for making these mounds in my back yard?

A: They look like mole hills to me.

Moles cause two kinds of ground disturbance:

1. They “swim” through the soil just below the surface, looking for grubs and earthworms to eat (remember, moles do not eat plants or roots). Their hunting activities make raised ridges that feel squishy when you step on them.

2. They dig deeper shafts to make dens or quick travel between two hunting areas.

The mounds you see are likely the result of digging activity #2. The soil is being brought up from below.

That said, there are few sure means of mole control. “Hunting” tunnels may be used only once or only a few times. Trying to find an active tunnel in which to place poisons or traps is frustrating work.

Summary of Mole Control Methods

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