Mosquito Traps – Comments

When I asked subscribers to my “Georgia Gardener” e-mail newsletter for their experiences with propane-powered mosquito I expected a wide range of comments.

I received many responses. Oddly enough, while one person might say their experience with a particular brand was positive, another might say the same brand was worthless. No brand name was consistently reviewed positively or negatively.



Since this is not a scientific evaluation, I have removed the brand names from the comments.

Still, if you are considering buying a powered mosquito trap, these comments may help.


I have one of the original (brand name). I’ve been using it for 2 years. I bought it on E-bay for $700. It costs about $20 a month to operate.

Our lot is heavily wooded and when we moved in you couldn’t sit outside without being swarmed by brown clouds of mosquitos! So, out of desperation, I shelled out the cash for a (brand name). The claims of it clearing a full acre is probably true under absolute ideal conditions. Kind of like those walkie-talkies that say they will reach 2 miles and all they really do is 1/4 mile in “real world conditions.”

Well, the (brand name) does not clear 1 acre of my heavily wooded lot. It really only clears about a 30 foot circle. The closer to the (brand name) you are the fewer mosquitos you have. Before we would be driven inside by the mosquitoes (tiger mosquitoes to be exact), now I’ll see 10 or 15 per hour.

When the (brand name) runs out of propane and I’ve neglected to refill it quickly, the area becomes infested again. So I assume the (brand name) is doing a good job. But the price is steep!! We still have to use bug spray and mosquito coils if we want to sit outside and be unmolested. I also use a fogger about twice a month just to knock down the breeding population as much as I can.

Overall, I don’t rely on JUST the (brand name). With my multi-pronged approach to mosquito control, my family can enjoy our backyard with a minimal amount of the pests. Would I recommend it? Well, that depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to sit on a patio and enjoy the outdoors: it will do a good job if the (brand name) is on the patio with you. If you want to eliminate every mosquito from your backyard: the (brand name) won’t do that.


I bought mine at a home improvement store….the tank of propane lasts about a month for $20 or so… helps but I still have to spray with Deet to work in the garden, especially with all the rain we’ve had…..I’d guess that it has cut down the mosquito population by about 1/3 to 1/2 but not to the level the advertising led me to believe…..liquid sprays attached to the end of the garden hose work for about a week but I’m concerned that it kills other helpful ground insects or worms.


I don’t have a propane powered trap, but do have a trick most people don’t seem to know about. When we want to sit on our deck without being bitten we bring out a small oscillating fan. It doesn’t take much breeze at all to keep both mosquitoes and gnats away.


You asked about the propane mosquito machines. Well, I was a little afraid of the propane so I got one of the electric models. I was told I could send it back if I wasn’t satisfied, so I ordered it. And, to my surprise, it seems to help! I’m pleased with it. And I don’t have to hook up a propane tank.


I used the (brand name) last year and caught many of them. I have not used it this year yet, but will put it out tomorrow. I think it really works.


We have the machine made by (brand name) and it definitely works. It’s hard to argue against it when you see all those mosquitoes in the trap. For every mosquito you eliminate you are essentially eliminating hundreds more because of how many more they could reproduce. The trick is in the placement of the machine in your yard. You have to experiment a little in order to find the right spot to maximize your catch. The cost of the propane can vary just depending upon where you buy it. The tank lasts 3 weeks, and it costs $18.00 to fill up the tank where we purchase the propane.

Ours is fairly easy to operate and it is cord less so there are no cords to restrict the movement of the machine if you decide to move it around the yard. We have one of the first machines that came out and the new models are even easier to operate. Having said all that it’s still wise to also control mosquitoes using the standard method of eliminating standing water. I can’t say that every mosquito is gone from our yard but it is an improvement and I would recommend one for anyone with a mosquito problem.


We have a (brand name). Over a period of time we could see a difference in the mosquitos population and problems with biting. You do have to keep it operational (refilling the propane tank and supplies of attractant and nets, etc. can be a little costly) but all in all we think that it helps.


This is our second year with the propane mosquito attractor. I live next door to a professional skeeter rancher (he has a sagging boat cover for incubation). I’ve tried for many years to sneak over and put the Bt cakes in his boat to control the problem, but he didn’t leave town frequently enough to get control.

Last year we purchased the machine in mid summer, and it did very well. This year, the results are outstanding, because we fired it up April 1. I’ve not had a single bite this summer.


We purchased the smaller (brand name). We live in a condo and our back yard is 27 x 45. It works well as long as you stay away from the part that has the propane tank. That attracts the mosquitoes and the other part that comes with it and is run on batteries is the (brand name). I ordered two extra of these and took them to our lake house and use them on the patio.


This is my 3rd summer for one.The propane cost $15.48. They love me. I do have one occasionally, but I can now walk outside with out getting eaten alive. Yes, I do recommend them.



Three years ago my husband and I purchased four acres and set about to restore a 92 year old house on that property. We proactively ordered the (brand name) and for obvious reasons – got the big industrial version. We had no success with it. The company was great- we did everything they recommended over a nine month period – from placing it in a different areas of the yard to removing the Octenol attractant. The most we ever collected over a 30 day period was 15 mosquitos. I can assure you we were devoured by many more than that by being in the yard for five minutes at dusk. We even spoke to the president of the manufacturing company. Ultimately (after several tanks of propane) we sent it back and the company we purchased it from was outstanding at honoring their one year guarantee of service.

This year we have discovered Cutter (wipes) available in individually wrapped packets or a wipes dispenser. Yes… I know it’s Deet, but it doesn’t smell bad, its quick and non-oily, and you can get it in and around your face which is difficult with sprays. It also costs considerably less than the $2,500 I spent for the gadget. Between working on the exterior of our house and my garden (I’m president of a local garden club) – I can vouch for the efficiency of the Cutter wipes!


Propane must be changed each 21 days, and therefore costs about $15 per three weeks. Additionally, you need to change out the “attractant” every 21 days, which is available at a home improvement store, but I do not know the cost.

I have contacted the firm from which I bought mine ($1,295, I believe), and asked them to return my money as it has collected almost no mosquitoes in the two years I have had it, despite moving it from place to place in my yard. They claim to have sent the return authorization and credited my card, but I have not yet gotten the paperwork

I have plenty of mosquitoes!!


We purchased a (brand name) earlier this summer and found it easy to set up. It has reduced, but not eliminated, the mosquitoes in our yard. Our biggest disappointment has been with the range of area that it seems to affect. The range stated by the company is a gross overstatement. However, there are always mosquitoes in the trap and I would recommend it.


Tried the (brand name) unit for three months. After two tanks of propane and several bait packs, it can be summed up in one word. Worthless.


I purchased the (brand name) and have it place in my back yard. I have a small stream that carries water between water hazards on the Brookstone Golf Course. Between the stream and the surrounding natural areas, my home has a real mosquito problem. I didn’t notice any difference at all. As evidence of this, at the end of last season I inspected the “catch bag” and found that there were perhaps 10 mosquitoes

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