Pigeon – Cold Tolerance

Q: Two months ago a white dove came to live on our porch. We’ve been feeding him and giving him water. Now that it is getting colder I worry that he will freeze. He is very friendly, walking with me to get mail, etc. What can we do?

A: Georgann Schmaltz (birdingadventuresinc.com) says this is a rock pigeon, or possibly a homing pigeon, that was hand raised and either flew away or was homing and got lost.
In either case, no need to worry. These birds do fine in cold weather, eating seeds and other scraps. If you want to do anything for the bird, keep some birdseed like milo, millet or corn in a flat feeder or on a surface close to the ground but not on the ground. The bird is not in any danger from cold or rainy weather. It’s definitely accustomed to people and is simply taking advantage of the shelter and free food you provide.

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