Rabbit – Relocating

Q: Being a nice guy I’m only wanting to catch the bunny that has been eating all the morsels in my garden and take him about four miles away and release him in a wooded area. I purchased a cage for the critter but have caught six of the cutest chipmunks, but no rabbit.

Yes, I carried them to a secluded spot and released them – all in the same area – after all, they are probably related. My question to you is (finally got there) what type goody should I put in the cage for bait? He likes cone flowers and several other perennials but he has already eaten all of them…….. Any suggestions??

A: Oooooops….. here I am to rain on your parade! Wildlife experts say that relocating animals which do not naturally roam over a large area to another area, even though it is similar to their first home, leads to almost certain death. They don’t seem able to learn the new hiding places, sources of food and other environmental resources they need.

Soooooooo…… the chipmunks may be out of sight…but by now they are out of body as well.

The same may happen to your bunny. On the other hand, I blithely eat hamburgers without thinking of the dead cow that preceded my meal.

Bottom line? Dunno what bait to use …. but low fences are probably the best way to keep the bunny at bay.

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