Akebia Vine – Fruit

Q: This blossom, resembling a magnolia flower, appeared on my akebia vine over an arch in late October. I have had the vine close to 10 years and have never seen anything like it!

The flower is about 10 inches wide with petals that sport things resembling caterpillars. What is it?

A: Congratulations – you are a Papa!

Akebia vine, Akebia quinata, rarely sets fruit. The only ones I’ve seen were on a vine beside my friend Tara Dillard’s house several years ago.

Nonetheless, that’s what you have: a fruit that has split apart, not a flower.

I find akebia vine to be pretty invasive. I’d remove the fruits before the seed have a chance to drop or to be scattered by wildlife.

These should be helpful:

UCB Botanical Garden

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akebia leaves

akebia flower

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