American Beech – Opening In Roots

Q: We have a big American beech that has developed a large opening between two big roots.. I think it may have been dug by an armadillo. My husband thinks this is a rotting tree, not created by a critter. He wants to fill the area with concrete. Advice?

A: I think it was caused by a damaged root rotting back into the trunk. Once rot gets started in a tree the initial infection slowly grows larger. As it grows it might be used for shelter by wildlife, like chipmunks or rabbits or even an armadillo if it becomes large enough. Your husbad may be right about what caused the rot but I wouldn’t fill the hole with concrete. Things like concrete, expanding foam or tar trap moisture and exacerbate rot. Instead, fill it with a ball of 1/2″ mesh hardware cloth. This will let natural humidity in but keep critters out.

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