Bird Seed Causing Weeds?

Q: My husband and I have a dispute. We used inexpensive bird seed a few years ago that sprouted quite a harvest of weeds in our grass. For the past two years I’ve been buying “No Mess” bird seed. My husband says this seed is still causing the weeds.

A: You discovered what a lot of bird feeders have: cheap birdseed causes weeds because birds pick through the seed looking for what they like and then scatter the rest on the ground beneath. “No Mess” birdseed has several seed components but they have all had the hull and skin removed. This prevents germination – and the seed is so delectable that birds consume it all. If your husband isn’t satisfied, do an experiment. Plant some of the birdseed in a pot filled with soil. Water once and leave it in the shade outdoors. If you find sprouts, you’ll have the answer to your dispute.

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