Broom Corn (Sorghum) – Identification

broom corn (sorghum)

Q: We believe we have some broom corn growing next to our driveway. It is about 3 ft. high and just came up on its own. Does broom corn grow in Georgia?

A: You are exactly correct. Broom corn is the common name for sorghum, Sorghum vulgare. The seedheads were once used to make small brooms.

I feel sure the original seed came from a nearby bird feeder. Leave the plants in place for hungry birds to eat. When the seed head is gone you can dispose of the plants.

This plant contrasts with Sorghum bicolor, grain sorghum, which is used in animal feed and to make syrup.

Broom Corn in Kentucky

broom corn (sorghum)

broom corn (sorghum)

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