Can I Spray RoundUp Without Hurting Daylilies?

Q: Ten years ago I planted a 10’ x 25′ area with daylilies. Over the past few years, liriope has invaded the bed. I want to get rid of the liriope and have tried digging it out but it keeps coming back and spreading further. All the daylilies have lost their leaves and gone dormant for the winter. Can I spray the liriope with Round Up without killing the daylilies?

A: This is an ingenious idea. For safety, if there aren’t too many daylilies, I’d put a handful of soil onto each plant. Glyphosate (RoundUp) is quickly neutralized by soil so you could then spray the bed and kill the liriope. In my experience it takes two applications to kill liriope so respray in a couple of months before the daylilies send up leaves.

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