Cryptomeria – Difference Between ‘Yoshino’ and ‘Radicans’

cold snap brown

Q: What is the difference between cryptomeria Yoshino and cryptomeria Radicans?

A: I haven’t grown either personally but my landscaper friends say this:

Danna Cain
“The radicans are smaller, a darker green and I’m told have better resistance to tip blight. I’ve found conflicting info online so I use the reference book by Dwayne Moon of Moon’s Tree Farm in Gwinnett Co. Dwayne lists ‘Radicans’ as 45’ tall, 20’ wide and ‘Yoshino’ at 60’ tall, 30’ wide.”

Bruce Holliday
“The biggest difference is the ‘Radicans’ variety does not get quite as tall and not near as wide as ‘Yoshino’. Also ‘Radicans’ does not have the winter bronzing affect, which some people think makes it look like it is about to die, plus ‘Radicans’ will fit more residential settings than ‘Yoshino’.

Shannon Pable
‘Radicans’ is more compact and narrow and doesn’t bronze as much as ‘Yoshino’ in winter.


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