Daffodils – King Alfred Type

Q: I found large, nice-looking daffodil bulbs, 100 for $15.00 at a wholesale store. The tag says they are “King Alfred type.” What does this mean? Would they last here?

A: “King Alfred type” bulbs are not the true “King Alfred” daffodil. According to the experts at the International Flower Bulb Centre, when the King Alfred daffodil was introduced in 1899, gardeners immediately fell in love with its huge butter colored flowers. In years afterward, though, hybridizers developed much superior daffodils which looked like the original King Alfred. The Golden Harvest, Yellow Sun, Dutch Master, and Standard Value types all have bigger and more numerous flowers. The daffodil bulbs you saw are probably one of these, or perhaps the lot is made of mixed varieties. The price for the daffodils seems right. Keep them in a cool place and plant when nighttime temperatures are between 40 and 50 degrees, in early November.

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