Duck Potato (Sagittaria)

Q: I called your show last weekend and asked about a plant that had “arrowhead” shaped leaves and what to do to control it. It was thought to be “Dutch Potato” or “Sagateria”. I did go to the Cooper Seeds website as was suggested and did find they carry a product that they advertise as the same as Rodeo – it was called Eraser-AQ. This plant is growing in the rip rap along the lake shore and is taking over and spreading like wildfire. We want to kill the plant(s) completely and find a “friendlier” water side plant. What I would like to do is find further information regarding the plant itself. I’ve tried internet searches for “Dutch Potato” and “sagateria” but have not been able to locate any additional information. Can you suggest any other resources or places on the internet to check??

A: See:

Duck Potato

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