Fish Ponds – Managing and Weed Control

Q: I purchased a house with a 2 acre lake. What do I need to know about managing it and keeping weeds out?

A: The first thing to determine is the nutrient quality of the water in your lake. You can bring a sample of water taken from the middle of the lake to your local Extension office (1-800-ASKUGA1). For a small fee, the sample will be sent to the University of Georgia and you’ll receive a report on the quality of the water. This will help you determine how much fertilizer the lake needs.

Weed control is a complicated process – you don’t want to harm the fish or the humans who are in the water – but weeds can choke a lake. Your local Extension office has a free publication Using Chemicals in Ponds.

Texas A&M also has an excellent guide to identifying pond weeds.

See also: Current UGA Aquatic Weed Control Recommendations

You might also ask for Managing Sportfishing Ponds for tips on general maintenance.

Here is a list of pond consultants.

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