Flowers – Drought-proofing

Q: I enjoy replanting my flower beds twice a year (spring & late fall), but I am concerned that the drought will result in a change from our current restricted watering to a total water ban. Can you please recommend drought-resistant plants (flowering types and/or shrubs) that would grow well under these conditions? Would Xeriscape gardening work?

A: I think water use in the landscape will be a BIG issue in the future. Remember, the odd-even water restrictions have not been lifted yet and I do not anticipate any relaxation.

Even so, I hope gardeners don’t decide to avoid planting. There are plenty of plants that grow just fine with minimal water. In fact, every plant we use in our landscapes can get through a drought with little worry – – if some thought is given beforehand.

The key for your flower beds is to prepare the soil to be water-retentive before you plant in them. It is easy to make your soil water-saving – just mix in a two inch layer of soil conditioner before you plant. Existing plants, like shrubs and trees, should be mulched over their entire root zone so water doesn

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