Fuchsia – Care

Q: I have a ‘Dark Eyes’ Fuchsia and would like to plant it in the yard. Is this a wise thing to do?

A: You are welcome to plant it but I can’t guarantee success. In the first place, fuchsia does not like summer temperatures above 85 degrees. When it gets hot, they quit producing new flower buds and become susceptible to disease. Winter temperatures below 25 degrees will kill them. Southern gardeners get the most enjoyment from fuchsia by planting in a pot, in spring, and placing it in a spot that gets only a few hours of morning sun. When summer arrives, move the pot to a shady porch or under a small tree. Never let the soil dry or become waterlogged. Fuchsia will drop all of its leaves if the roots are unhappy.

Bachman’s Fuchsia Tips

Fuchsia Flair

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