Good Careers in Agriculture!

Q: Our 19-year-old son has expressed an interest in double majoring in history and agriculture. What are some examples of jobs/career paths that we can visualize, besides farming?

A: The University of Georgia’s Faith Peppers says there are nearly twice as many available jobs in agriculture as Georgia has graduates to fill them – quite a good situation in this economy. Graduates also have some of the highest starting salaries of any college at the University.

Here is a link to our student site where you can find a wealth of career opportunities and the related majors:

We also have several short video clips about CAES alumni in interesting careers:

The possibilities are really endless. Less than 5% of our graduates are still seeking jobs at graduation compared to some colleges facing 20 to 30% unemployment. As Americans become more interested in where their food comes from and world need for food expected to double by 2050, the agriculture industry will continue to grow and expand to meet demand.

You may also be interested in our Dean’s Promise program that supports internships and study abroad experiences for our students.

Because our college is relatively small, students in the college of Agriculture and Environmental Science get the small college experience with all the benefits of a large university. We have some of the best faculty advisers in the university who get to know our students personally and help shepherd their studies to keep them on track for graduation.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact our student recruiter, Brice Nelson at He can provide any information you need about admission requirements or help you set up a campus tour.

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