Hosta – Propagating a Sport

Q: While checking for slugs I came across this very unusual leaf on a ‘Francee’ hosta.

I would really love to encourage this in a new plant. As far as I can tell, this leaf is the only one like it on the stalk.

A: According to indefatigable hosta expert Chuck Zdeb, you need a sharp razor and a very steady hand.

Dig the entire clump of hosta and wash the soil off the roots on the side from which your pretty leaf originates.

Carefully slice away the parts of the hosta that give rise to “normal” leaves, leaving the section that develops the leaf you want. Be sure the excised section has as many roots as possible.

Spray or dust the cuts with fungicide and plant it in sterile potting soil.

Culture it normally for the season. If the plant “comes true” next year, you can plant it in a featured spot in your garden.

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