How To Stop My Crapemyrtles From Shedding Into My Pool

crapemyrtle pool

Q: I have mature crape myrtles planted around my pool. They are huge and always shedding into the pool. What was my landscaper thinking? Is there anything to stop the blooming? 

A: I hate to dash your hopes but there’s nothing. There are bloom preventers used on fruit trees to manage fruit load but nothing for crapemyrtles.

A common fruiting preventer works by applying the plant hormone ethylene at just the right time. You have to consider the current temperature, flower bud stage, and predicted temperatures. It’s easy when you’re working with hundreds of apple trees but not so easy when you’re working with a few crapemyrtles.

If you want to experiment, look for Florel Growth Regulator. Read the label carefully to make sure it fits your needs.

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