Huge Outbreak Of Mushrooms

Q: What would cause a huge outbreak of mushrooms in both my lawn and pine islands? Is there anything I can do to prevent them from returning?

A: Mushrooms are just the “flowers” of some fungus that is decomposing organic matter in your lawn or under your trees. The fungus gets happy when it’s moist or warm or there are other conditions that are right for it to “bloom”. Mushrooms are a natural outcome of having organic matter close to the soil surface. Moisture and a bit of warmth make fungi really happy; they want to reproduce! That’s why you have lots of mushrooms. You can’t do much of anything to prevent them. If you find them objectionable, collect them and pitch them in the garbage. If you want to identify your mushrooms, I highly recommend the newly published “Mushrooms of the Georgia Piedmont” by Mary Woehrel and William Light.

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