Hyacinth – When to plant

Q: I have some questions about hyacinths and I would appreciate your help. I ordered 30 plants last spring, to be sent for fall planting. I received the plants a week ago. I immediately put the whole package in the vegetable
keeper of my refrigerator. I would like to plant them in large pots and place them on either side of my front door for 2 spots of spring color. My question is when should I plant them in the containers? Should I keep the planted containers in my garage over the winter, or will it be better to
keep them on a covered porch (at a colder temperature, but protected from frost).

Should I have waited and purchased them for spring planting in containers in the spring? Should I just go ahead and plant these outside and not try to hold them for container planting?

My cooled bulbs and I are awaiting your advice.

A: You can plant them in containers and put them outdoors as soon as nighttime temperatures are less than 50
degrees. Put a few pansies in the pots too and you’ll have blooms from then until April or May.

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