Hydrangea – How to Move

Q: I am about to move. I would like to take at least a cutting from a hydrangea I got 30 years ago. However, my new sun-porch has a spot for the whole plant. What do I need to do to move it? Does the sunlight need to be EXACTLY the same as before? Is this the best time of year to move it?

A: It shouldn’t be too hard to move, but you’ll need to reduce it in size before you move it. I’d cut off at least half of the stems and all the flowers now. Dig it up, saving as many roots as possible. Plant it in a big cardboard box lined with plastic and keep it moist for the few days until you can plant it in a permanent spot at the new house in a similar light situation – not in full sun. As for the last question, just wait as long as you can to take it up.

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