Irrigation System – Designing

Q: My parents live in Jenkins County and we are increasing the garden size to three full acres. I need to know where I can find information for an irrigation system. We already have an extra-deep well. Along with the garden area we plan to irrigate four acres of pasture for goats and cows. Any suggestions would be helpful.

A: There are several considerations when using well water to irrigate such a large area. Even though you have a deep well, the daily volume of its water delivery will determine what you can accomplish. You’ll probably divide the property into zones and water them on rotation during the week.

Whatever the ultimate outcome, be sure you have a back-flow preventer at the well head. It is a small cost but can be a big worry-reducer for you. If you will be using pesticides in the garden it is imperative that there be no possible way for chemicals to be sucked back into your water source.

These two publications contain great information to get you started with your system:

Irrigation for Lawns and Gardens

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