Jack-In-The-Pulpit – Raising

Q: A friend found a jack-in-the-pulpit that produced fruit this fall. I would like to know how to gather the seeds and raise more of these flowers.

A: The red berries covering the end of a short stalk are typical of plants in the arum family, including caladium and elephant ear. First, pick the berries from the stalk. It’s good idea to wear rubber gloves because chemicals in the seeds induce an allergic reaction in some people. Wash the berries and remove the skin and pulp from the hard seed you’ll feel inside. Plant them a half-inch deep and a few inches apart, in a semi-shade, moist bed. Tiny leaves will emerge in mid-summer. Keep the bed moist and allow the plants to grow until next spring, when you can transplant the seedlings to their final habitat in the woods.

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