Kudzu as a Farm Crop – USDA Farmers Bulletin No. 1923

I recently found a faded copy of Kudzu as a Farm Crop in my “way back” files. Asking around, the Gwinnett Extension office had a better copy.

This brought back further memories of my grandfather, Walter Cowart, who was a community leader in Campbell County (now south Fulton County) back in the 1920’s.

At that time, so many farmers had moved away from rural Georgia that the local Chambers of Commerce were desperately trying to lure them back from Detroit, Chicago and New York.

The photo below is a magazine advertisement that features my grandfather promoting the virtues of kudzu. It is very likely that he studied an earlier version of this USDA publication before commenting on the benefits that kudzu offered prospective farmers.

See  Kudzu as a Farm Crop – USDA Farmers Bulletin No. 1923              (contact me if you need a higher resolution scan of the booklet)

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