Luffa – Not Maturing

Q: Inspired by your luffa segment on one of your TV shows, we decided to try the same.

Last year, we tried doing them in containers. Problem was that the gourds were not mature before the first freeze. Afterwards, they became a mushy rotted mess.

This year, we did them in our flower garden. They took over the side of the house and we have monster gourds (over 7″ x 14″). However, it again looks like they are unlikely to mature before the 1st freeze hits. At this time, most are still green; just showing signs of turning yellow.

Is there anything we can do to help them mature? If not, can we cut them loose and bring them indoors and do something with them there when the first freeze is imminent?

If not, next year should we be planting sooner?

A: My friend Jack says that just the ones longest on the vine will mature. Maybe you could put a sheet over the vine and fruit to protect from the first light frost.

Plant them in late April to get the 90 days they need to mature.


Growing Luffa

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