Miss Muffett Caladium- Overwinter

Q: Will ‘Miss Muffett’ caladium overwinter in Chatham county? I had regular begonias go through last winter and emerge this spring for a good summer show.

A: ‘Miss Muffett’ caladium is a chartreuse dwarf with red spots on the leaves. Like all caladiums, it must have soil temperatures above 60 degrees to grow well in summer. If the winter soil temperature goes below 60 degrees, when it has no foliage, you’ll get fewer sprouts in spring, assuming the tuber even survives.

Looking at www.georgiaweather.com, I see that Savannah has average soil temperatures in the low 50’s in January. That tells me that the chances of keeping this caladium alive in winter outdoors are very small. Even so, caladium is perennial in Florida from Gainesville south. In Savannah, and elsewhere in Georgia, dig the tubers in November and keep them indoors at 70 degrees until April.

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