Mistletoe – Identification and Control

Q: I have a big clump of mistletoe at the top of one of my trees. I’ve heard there is something you can spread at the bottom of the tree that will kill the mistletoe but not hurt the tree. What is it?

A: Ethepon (click for sources) is the chemical you’re thinking of. It is labeled for control of mistletoe but you have to spray the entire tree, not put it on the ground beneath.

I can’t think of a safe way to remove the parasitic plant. Since it doesn’t do much damage to the tree, I guess you’ll have to ignore it.

Seeds are deposited by birds when they relieve themselves. The seed germinate and send a root into the tree’s branch to imbibe tree sap for the mistletoe’s own use.

Mistletoe facts

Mistletoe: a Hemiparasite

note the swollen site where the seed germinated

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