Perennials- Maintenance

Q: Developers took out the majority of the trees at our home, leaving it in full sun. My perennials love it but my bermudagrass is just horrible. I maintain it like you recommend but it is patchy in color.

A: The patchy color is probably due to several different bio-types of bermudagrass coexisting in your yard. Simply put, a “bio-type” is a plant that differs in appearance from another one in the same species. If someone overseeded hybrid (sodded) bermudagrass with common bermudagrass, that would explain the patchy appearance. Sodded bermudagrass is a deep, solid green while seeded bermudagrass is lighter in color.

Even so, sod is sometimes contaminated with different bio-types. The Georgia Crop Improvement Association sponsors the “Blue Tag Certified” program, which includes strict inspection of sod farms to be sure their sod is pure. For best results when planting sod, ask to see the blue tag that accompanies the shipment.

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