Virginia Buttonweed – Control

Virginia buttonweed

Q: You can make my day by telling me the name of this evil, red-stemmed plant and how to eradicate it.

A: Evil is a good word, I have it on good authority that the devil uses this plant for a groundcover in his hellish landscapes!

You have Virginia buttonweed, Diodia virginiana.

I. Buttonweed is TOUGH to bring under control. It spreads from seed readily, roots from branch nodes, and can even root from pieces your mower throws out when you mow.

Although it is classified as a broadleaf plant, it does not respond to broadleaf herbicides as readily as one would like.

I think the best product to use (assuming you have fescue or zoysiagrass ) is triclopyr (click for sources). But if you have bermudagrass or centipedegrass you have to use regular broadleaf weed killer (click for sources).

You’ll need at least three applications at six week intervals (or whatever the label directs) to start seeing control.

One other option to consider is applying imazaquin (click for sources) alternately with the broadleaf herbicides listed above.

Glyphosate (click for sources) will kill buttonweed but will kill nearby turfgrass too.

Be sure to read and follow label directions.

You have a tough row to hoe…better to get started sooner rather than later!

This UGA publication has professional control tips.

Virginia buttonweed

Virginia buttonweed

Virginia buttonweed

Virginia buttonweed

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