Prostrate Spurge (Spotted Spurge) – Identification and Control

Q: I have a plant in my lawn that spreads out like a mat in August and September. What can I do to control it?

A: You probably have prostrate spurge, Euphorbia supina, but you might have spotted spurge, Euphorbia maculata.

Both are classified as summer broadleaf annuals. That means you can control it two ways: by applying an appropriate pre-emergent chemical or by spot-spraying each clump with a broadleaf weed killer when you notice it.

Pre-emergent herbicides for spurge control in turf include pendimethalin (click for sources), dithiopyr (click for sources), and isoxaben (click for sources). Apply in late spring. You might need to make a second application 4 – 6 weeks later.

You can also spot spray in summer with a broadleaf weedkiller (click for sources) like Weed B Gon (click for sources) or Bayer Season Long Weed Control (click for sources).

The weed is also easy to pull by hand.

Prostrate Spurge vs Spotted Spurge

Prostrate Spurge

spurge 4

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