Roots- Large tree – Covering with soil

Q: I have an idea to solve my “tree roots in the lawn” problem. I’ll toss soil and compost onto roots and make a planting bed out of the space. Will the maple roots or dogwood roots suffer any by being covered up?

A: You have a mature tree, so roots are spreading far and wide away from the trunk.

I think this could work….but only if all soil is kept 6″ away from the trunk, to prevent bark rot. The soil layer can be no deeper than 6″ in any spot.

Also only the roots closest to the tree, perhaps half-way out to the drip line, can be covered with soil. The roots under the outer half of the drip line and beyond shouldn’t be covered.

Be sure to use high-quality, porous topsoil – not the $.99 a bag stuff.

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