Septic Lines – Make Lawn Greener

Q: I have a typical 3-year old bermuda lawn and use a lawn service for the bi-monthly fertilizing, weed control, etc. The builder in our subdivision made the decision to run all of the homes’ septic lines to either the side or front of the houses to facilitate putting a swimming pool in the back. Mine, unfortunately, is in the front. So I have a beautiful yard with a dark green racing stripe running down the middle. The overall greenness of the lawn never seems to be able to catch-up to the area right above the septic lines and I have this perpetual stripe. Is there anything I can attempt to do about this? I am not sure if it is the nutrients or moisture (or both), so I don’t know which approach to take to try and even things out.

A: Your bermudagrass LOVES the water in the septic lines….all you can do is water more in the heat of summer and fertilize a bit more to gets things to match

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