Small Plant in Big Container

Q: It did not take long to figure out why a Leyland that I planted last year died so quickly this year. I sure did not see this below the surface container that evidently prevented proper root propagation.

A: Wow, what damning photos!

It’s common for a nursery to “move up” small plants from a small container to a larger one. Give the proper amount of time, the plant grows a larger root system and a larger top and the nursery makes more money selling the larger plant. Wholesale nurseries have crews of workers who do nothing all day but move up small plants. My guess is that a worker got frustrated removing a small plant from its pot and simply jammed the plant, pot and all, into a larger container. After all, who would notice the mistake for a long time?

The answer is: the unwitting buyer!

Unless you have a receipt from when you bought the Leyland, it’s unlikely the nursery would replace it for you. But I’d ask anyway: the nursery might take it back and give you a new one just to keep you as a customer.

Leyland cypress pot too small 1

Leyland cypress pot too small 2

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