Spring (for water) – Cleaning and Decontaminating

Q: We have a spring on our property that is overgrown with trees and brush. It has always run even during drought. How do we clean it?


My grandparents had one instead of a well and it was lined with rocks.

A: If you intend to drink the water from the spring, it is imperative that you have it tested for contaminants, either chemical or bacterial. Your local Extension office (1-800-ASKUGA-1) can advise on testing the University of Georgia can do for you.

If the water is potable, you can build a spring box to collect water.

Spring Box Design, Construction and Maintenence

Capping and Developing Springs (Broken Link)

Protecting Wells and Springs

Simply dipping the water from the spring before testing and without a means of keeping it uncontaminated is too dangerous.

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