Sweetgum Trees- Control

Q: I have a small farm that is overrun with sweetgum trees. Several are already twelve inches in diameter and saplings are popping up everywhere. I read that you could use Arsenal to kill them, but it is a controlled chemical. Any suggestions?


A: Imazapyr (Arsenal) is a restricted use herbicide because it sterilizes soil for a year if it is carelessly applied. However, you can get a private applicator license, which allows you to buy and use restricted use pesticides, by visiting your local Extension office (800-ASKUGA1) and viewing a short training video. Your license will be issued by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

With that in hand, buy the Arsenal and apply it to wounds you make with a hatchet in the bark of the sweetgum trees. Good instructions are available at Weeds.    https://www.bugwood.org/weeds/arsenal.html  In a year the trees will be dead and you can have lots of fun cutting them down.

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