Tiger Lily- propagation

Q: Is it possible to harvest the little bulbs on the stalk of a tiger lily and start new plants? I didn’t know what they were at first because I guess I had never grown a true tiger lily.


A: Tiger lilies propagate themselves in three different ways: from bulbils that form between leaves and the stem; from bulblets that form next to the parent bulb in the soil and from seed, which form in a pod behind the flower if it is successfully pollinated. These three methods insure that tiger lilies usually prosper in any spot they’re planted in.

You can roll the bulbils out with your fingers and plant them nearby, one-half inch deep, in soft soil. They will likely sprout a leaf or two by fall. Leaves will disappear with cold weather but most bulbs will survive the winter just fine. Water and fertilize the lilies that come back next spring. I doubt any will be strong enough to flower next year but you’ll probably get flowers in 2004.

Growing Tiger Lilies Indoors

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